my first pair of knitted socks

Are finally complete!!

Okay, not exactly sure when I started these (four weeks? five weeks? no, six+ weeks ago really??!) but I finally decided to just take them home and finish the toe on the second side last night. Voila! Not the most perfect pair but hey, they’re my first!

(Hee hee … it looks like I’m clapping my feet to cheer for myself in this picture.)

I messed up one row of the second sock (note to self: must pay attention to the pattern! stop talking so much during knitting hour!) so you can see how it bulges out a little funny on the top band, but oh well. They’re mine and they’re imperfect. C’est la vie.

I really like this yarn that I used and I have about a skein left of it. Trying to think of something to make with them but in the meantime, I like looking at the tiny stitches that it formed on the sock.

Going to continue dreaming of all the yarn that I’ll get to see at Webs on Monday … TGIF!! 🙂


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