figs in charlestown, ma

A couple of my coworkers and I decided to get out of the office last Friday for lunch, so I showed them where Figs was located. It’s in Charlestown which is surprisingly close to our building even though we’re in Somerville, so it only took us about 4 minutes to get there.

Two of us split the Caesar salad ($6.50) which is made with a yummy eggless dressing, while the other two split an order of the Rhode Island Calamari ($9.95). They serve their calamari with hote cherry peppers and a lemony garlic aioli. The salad is nice and refreshing, and comes as a large portion which makes it great for sharing. I couldn’t get over how much calamari came on the plate, too. I was so tempted to try it (it smelled and looked so good!) but I knew it had the spicy red sauce on it and we were going away for the weekend, so I didn’t want to disrupt it with a trip to the ER. One of our coworkers tried a small piece of the calamari even though she said she doesn’t usually like it and said that it actually tasted really good.

They give you a basket of warm, foccacia bread plus some olive oil with olives to dip it in. Very yummy!

Two of us split a fig and prosciutto pizza ($9.25) and the other two split a portobello pizza ($9.00). The prosciutto pizza was made with a crisp rosemary crust with fig and balsamic jam, prosciutto and gorgonzola cheese. It was delicious according to my two coworkers, with just enough of a touch of the gorgonzola cheese to not be overpowering.

The portobello pizza is normally made with a red sauce but I asked them to make it with just olive oil and it was superb (I actually think it would be better if it were offered as a white pizza). It was made with portobello mushrooms, a wild mushroom puree, roasted red onions, and fontina cheese. So yummy!

Altogether our tab for four people came out to $11 a person including the tip, which is really not that bad for a lunch outing. When we worked in the financial district in Boston, we knew people who would spend that much every single day by going out to buy a sandwich and a drink.

Afterwards, since none of them had really ever been to that part of Charlestown before, I took the scenic way back. We ended up driving up a hill that took us directly to the base of the Bunker Hill Monument, so I managed to take this photo real quickly.

We’ll definitely do this again soon since it’s so much closer to the office than one would think. Especially since the food was so good! My friend, Stephanie, says that it’s very similar to Emma’s near Kendall Square, so I’m looking forward to trying that place soon. 🙂


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