nice coworkers

I have to say, I do have some very nice coworkers. My new role at our new office location kind of has me in a 50/50 split between being an HR Coordinator and as the front desk receptionist, so I get quite a lot of exposure to staff members that I normally didn’t get to see in person in the Fogg basement. So once in a while it’s really nice to see a surprise on my desk … a few recent examples …

One coworker (who, sadly isn’t with us anymore) left me this note after I helped her do something. I can’t even remember what exactly I did, but it felt good to know she appreciated the assistance. Plus, this really made me smile.

I had a conversation with one coworker (which I seem to do a lot of being in this position, physically …) about how her roommate works at Starbucks, how it was one of my all-time favorite jobs, and what we usually order (how I can’t do the vanilla latte anymore because of allergy issues, etc.). Low and behold, a couple of days later I came back from my lunch break to find a freshly made latte waiting for me on my desk, made exactly the way I had described to her during the conversation. Not only was I touched by the fact that she thought of me while she was out running her errands, but I was so elated that she was actually listening to our conversation. This woman seriously has a big heart.

And then there is my Pocky friend, EK. I found this on my desk one morning and literally laughed out loud. Tiramisu flavored Pocky! Brilliant!!

Then last week, I heard that one of our coworkers went up to the Burdick chocolate cooking school in New Hampshire. She had a blast! I can only imagine how much fun that was. So after I talked to her about it one afternoon, the next morning I found these two beautifully handmade chocolates on my desk. Aren’t they gorgeous?! She said that they were made with figs soaked in port, anise, and hazelnut cream … yummy!! Such a sweet gesture. And by the way, if/when I win the lottery jackpot, she will have to be the head chocolate maker and teach us all her neat tricks.

And then this morning I found two nice things on my desk, one of which was this lovely jar of strawberry jelly from Cabot’s Confections in Cape Cod. The deputy director’s assistant was out last week on vacation and so I helped take care of his calendar and set up meetings while he was gone. It was so thoughtful of him to bring back this little token of appreciation.

Last but not least, I found this letter on my desk this morning from Jess after we had cat sitted (cat sat? is that proper?) for them last week. I love receiving handwritten notes, and the two little cat stickers on the envelope just made me giggle.

So again, I do have some wonderfully sweet coworkers. A nice thought for a Monday.


1 thought on “nice coworkers

  1. I'm about as cynical as they come… but even I can appreciate the tokens of sentiment you describe… maybe there is hope for the human race after all… those are truly kind and appreciable gestures.Mr. Anonymous

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