funny, nice + awesome

I wasn’t sure how to name this post so I used the three adjectives that came to mind when I thought of the three photos I wanted to share.


Someone put their sunglasses on my cluster of veggies on the counter this morning. And then someone said, “Anything is funny when you put sunglasses on them.” Someone. (Actually, the photo reminds me of this book.)


I found this bag of fresh basil from my coworkers’ garden on my desk this morning after we had a conversation yesterday about how abundantly it grows for them. I told her that I think they have magical soil because they grow exquisite peonies, and one of our coworkers mentioned their basil plant. Wow, this was such a nice surprise to find this morning and it really made my day. I can’t wait to make a delicious pesto with it.


You know you’re a geek when you make your coworker pose for a headless shot of her sweater with big, funky and cool buttons. I couldn’t get over how cute Laura’s sweater is! She got it at Anthropologie and said that it was made by a designer in Denmark. It’s made out of felt and I just love the shape of the sleeves. So of course, I made her pose for this picture.

So that was my Thursday in three words.


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