A couple of months ago, Groupon offered a deal where you could get tickets on the Boston Harbor Cruises’ fast ferry to Provincetown. Since neither of us had ever been to P-town in the 10+ years of living in Boston (yeah, I know, quite sad and there’s a list of things we still haven’t done in Massachusetts yet) I got us two roundtrip tickets.

For those of you who don’t know how Groupon works, you basically buy into the daily deal and if a certain number of people buy into it (for example, 50 people) then it goes through and everyone can enjoy the discount. In this case, they sent me an email confirmation with the instructions to reserve our spots on the ferry but it also said that the Groupon was good until October 31st. So we originally thought we would try to go today (Monday, 10/12) since we both had the day off. Luckily I thought to call ahead to make that reservation and came to find out that their last run to P-town was yesterday (Sunday, 10/11)! So that kind of put a damper in our plans and we opted to go on Saturday instead.

It turned out to be a beautiful day – probably one of the last nice ones we’ll get this fall! – and it turned out to be a great day trip for us. Unfortunately (and so unlike me, really …) I didn’t do much research ahead of time or planned an itinerary (read: trying this whole laid back approach to vacationing … yeah, not really working for me …) so by the time we learned about the trolley tour it was a little too late and too risky for us to do because we could’ve missed the ferry back to Boston.

This was one of the photos we took of Boston as we departed.

P-town, for non Mass folks, is at the extreme tip of Cape Cod and is known for its beaches, harbor, artists, tourist industry, and its reputation as a gay village. The main street, Commercial Street, is where pretty much all the action is and it’s line with restaurants and shops galore. We saw some really cute houses, lots of art and sculptures, and a ton of dogs.

We had a late lunch at a nice restaurant called Ross’ Grill that we sort of accidentally found in the back of a shopping center. We were so glad we found it because they had excellent food, a great atmosphere, was right next to the water, and was reasonably priced. Tony had a fish sandwich which was a great portion, and I had a really big Caesar salad with blackened shrimp on top.

Afterwards, we stopped off at the Portuguese Bakery because I had spotted a fresh batch of Malasada – Portuguese donuts! – in the window earlier that day. We picked up one donut and a chocolate eclair for the ferry ride back to Boston. And as you can see here, it was quite a pastry and larger than my face. I’m so embarrassed to say that I devoured the whole thing down to the last sugar crystal. Yum yum.

Anyway, it was a great day trip and a nice way of seeing that part of the Cape without having to sit in 3+ hours of driving and weekend traffic. Come to find out that while we were there, Tom Cruise and his family (Katie Holmes and daughter Suri) were here in Cambridge taking a break from filming his new movie.

(photo by Kate Mitchell and is posted here)

Massachusetts is becoming the new Hollywood! Rumor has it that Justin Timberlake will be in Somerville next week filming at a bar about 3 blocks from our apartment. Too cool.

Oh and you can see more pics from our trip here. Hope those of you who had today off had a nice long weekend!


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