retail therapy = inspiration

Sometimes retail therapy leads to inspiration. In this case, a trip out to Chestnut Hill to the Container Store, Portobello Road, and Anthropologie provided much eye candy with beautiful color palettes galore.

This post is about our first stop: the Container Store. Whoa. Talk about being a bit overwhelming! I guess I’ve never been inside one of these stores before, but I had heard so many great things about it from friends. The friend who had accompanied me gave me a gift certificate to the store, and after just five minutes there, I decided that I would resolve to get organized in 2010. (I’m usually not into resolutions to be quite honest because I think it’s just an excuse to make a goal for yourself, which you can do any time of the year, why just the beginning of a new year, right? Plus you’re more likely to achieve a goal than a resolution, right? Can I get an amen?)

Anyway, I digress … aside from all sorts of organizational structures and gizmos, they have a ton of cool storage products and ideas, office and desk supplies, and an awesome gift wrapping section. I like how they had some of the wrapping stuff organized into specific color groups. I can totally see making some cards or layouts using the same color schemes.

One of the things we saw in that section were these wine bottle gift bags that were made to look like shirt sleeves (or were made out of shirt sleeves). My friend and I looked at each other and said, “We could totally make that!”

I ended up buying two stackable shelves to use in my craft room to help clean up a table that is buried in craft supplies (before and after pictures to come soon, I promise), plus a couple of their inexpensive clear plastic shoebox sized containers for housing things like stamps and ink pads. Before we left, I snapped this photo of an adorable little girl checking out this kids activity table. It was the perfect size for her!

To see more photos from our excursion at the Container Store, click here.

Next stop: Portobello Road!


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