Our retail therapy session ended at the Anthropologie at the Atrium Mall.

The thing I love most about Anthropologie is their displays. They are usually pretty creative and unusual because of the materials that they use. I’ll have to go dig up some photos I took during the holiday season because they used plastic bags, utensils, and cups to create a gorgeous display. This time the reused, spray-painted, and reformed plastic items caught my eye.

It totally made me think, “Wow. This would be a really fun job to have, creating these things.”

And of course, their usual way of clumping things together based on like colors always catches my eye. Like these tall stacks of green bowls. I love how the different shades of green are mixed together. And that they’re green.

I loved this display of kitchen towels that they had on a wall because there are so many great color combinations to work with. Plus the images – like the two little birds facing each other and the silverware in different colors and patterns – would be neat on a greeting card or two.

To see more pictures from that shopping excursion, click here. And now I have to go find those photos that I took a couple of months ago.


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