cupcakes on the brain!

With the “Celebrate the Somerville Sensation” party coming up this Sunday, it’s no wonder I have cupcakes on the brain! (Apparently, so do a lot of other people … it’s been mentioned here, here, and here! Yikes!) We’re anticipating a pretty large turnout at the event, so if you plan to go and try one of the free mini cupcakes, be sure to get there early!

Amongst the numerous emails that have been filling my inbox lately regarding cupcakes was one that included a link to a site that features 100 cupcakes with a game theme design. The artists that created each of them were pretty creative! The neat part is that you can try to guess which game the cupcake was made to resemble and then put your mouse over the question mark to the right to see if your guess was correct. I didn’t score that great because the list of games includes everything from video games to board games (and I don’t know a lot of video games). See how well you can do! Here are some of my favorites:

And then one of my friends from middle school who I recently got back in touch with online(gotta love that about Facebook!) emailed this photo to me of someone’s cupcake creation of the periodic table of elements. Whoa! Now that took a lot of time to put together!

And lastly, it has been a while since I did a “Friday Finds” posting, so check out some of the cute cupcake stuff I found on Etsy:

(left to right; top to bottom)
bird and cupcake notebook by beethings
party wieners birthday card by persnicketypelican
my lovely cupcake 5″x7″ print by rkdsign88
neapolitan cupcakes scarf by kellyzkreationz
cupcake on a flower ring by PenelopesPorch
keep calm and bake on 13″x19″ print by PrintPowder

I can’t wait to see what Melisa has in stock this Sunday at Davis Squared for the cupcake event. She said that they’ve been hiding stuff in the back to reveal this weekend. And don’t forget! Anything with a cupcake on it is 10% off during the event. Hope to see you all there!



3 thoughts on “cupcakes on the brain!

  1. Psyched about the cupcake event tomorrow… Loved that 100 cupcakes link — so many brought back memories of my childhood, mostly the video game ones πŸ™‚ … The periodic table of elements appeals to the total dork in me πŸ™‚ See you at the Somerville Sensation Cupcake Tasting! —- Anonimo

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