valentine themed coffee hour

Every Wednesday at work, we have a coffee hour where different departments/groups host and provide goodies. Once in a while I’ll pool together a themed event, like the one we did yesterday: a valentine themed coffee hour!
So many people brought in such yummy treats. It always makes me happy to see coworkers working together to pull off such a great event. That people take the time to make things – or even stop off at the store in order to contribute something – means a lot to me, and always makes my day. It’s not even just the contributions that are awesome, but how people help set things up or help to clean up afterwards. Things like this really helps build team spirit and morale.
And I work with some extremely talented bakers and cooks, let me just say that. I mean, extremely talented! And they are very serious about their creations, taking the time to add meticulous little details. For instance, one of my coworkers brought the frosting for her vanilla cupcakes in so that she could pipe it onto each one when plating them. And they turned out beautifully!

We had quite a spread of food from savory things like spinach quiche bars and olive bread with cheese; and a huge turnout of sweet things like espresso marscapone cupcakes (homemade!), chocolate cupcakes with vanilla frosting, chocolate and cardamom cookies, chocolate apple cake, apple pie, and tons of candies all around. We even had a mini fondue station full of marshmallows, strawberries, and bread for dipping!

It’s a couple of days early but here’s wishing all of you a
Happy Valentine’s Day!


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