butterfly wreaths

I was sick last weekend but for some reason, that didn’t stop me from doing something crafty. I came across this idea on Elsie Flannigan’s blog where she made a cute butterfly wreath. So despite my runny nose and a throat that felt like it was on fire, I trekked out to Michael’s and bought all the materials to make not just one, but two of these wreaths. I wasn’t even on cold medicine so I can’t blame the insanity on that!

It turned out to be super easy and I managed to get both done within an hour. I love little side projects like this because I can just do them quickly and actually complete something. I gave the colorful one to Renee and kept the green one for myself (hmmm, now that’s shocking, eh?!).

Honestly, the hardest (read: most time consuming) part was wrapping the wreath bases with the yarn. Elsie used a chunkier yarn (I just had this thin cotton stuff I didn’t know what else to do with) so it took a while to get every inch of the base covered.

Michael’s had these packages of 12 butterflies for $5 each, so I grabbed two and a couple of larger ones to add for accents. I also got a little green bird to put on mine. Yes, because it was green.

Gotta love the hot glue gun for things like this. šŸ™‚

There was no real rhyme or reason in the way I glued the butterflies onto the wreath. My wreath ended up being rather sparse in terms of butterflies, but I kind of like the simplicity of it. The large butterfly is actually a clip so I can add more butterflies later if I feel like it and move him around … but for now I kind of like it like this.

Now hopefully this will make spring come sooner. šŸ™‚


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