flatbread is coming to davis square

On our way to getting coffee last Saturday morning, Tony and I drove past Sacco’s Bowl Haven and noticed that The Flatbread Company had something that looked like a dome parked outside the door and that they were giving out pizza. Seriously, right? This was all B.C. (before coffee), so it could’ve been an illusion for sure.

Sure enough, Flatbread is coming to Somerville and they were holding an oven building party for their new location today. We were able to walk into the building to witness people working with mud and hay, and to see two of the earthen ovens being built. It was quite a sight!

On our way out, a man pulled two freshly baked pizzas out of their mobile oven and all I could hear him say was that it had mushrooms and herbs on it. I grabbed us two pieces and tried to hang onto the paper plate as the wind tried to knock it out of my hands.

We were walking back to our car and I just kept staring at the pizza and thinking how delicious it looked. Obviously the coffee hadn’t really woken up my brain yet because I forgot for nearly two or three minutes that I am allergic to tomatoes! And it wasn’t until Tony said, “I think there are tomatoes on this, you can’t eat it” that it had sunk into my mind that duh! This was pizza! Of course it has tomatoes on it. Sigh.

I went ahead and took a small bite anyway, and we agreed: it was extremely delicious pizza. Wow, two new pizza places in Davis Square. We definitely can’t wait to try out this one when they finally open up in June. Stay tuned folks.


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