fireworks in chicago

A quick post about our Chicago trip

Most people that know me and my husband know that when we go on vacation, we don’t ever really go “on vacation”. I have been known to make my poor husband walk and walk and walk, but the plus side is that we always end up seeing SO much. We’re also not the type to really go on tours in a city for some reason, especially boat tours. But while doing research on things to do in Chicago, I came across something online that mentioned fireworks over Navy Pier during the summertime on Wednesday and Saturday nights. After further investigation (and reading several good reviews) I learned that boat tours of Chicago’s architecture were highly recommended. The bonus part was being able to watch the fireworks from Lake Michigan!

We got our tickets with the Wendella boat company online in advance for the 90-minute river and lake tour and paid $23 per person. It was well worth it, and it was definitely one of our favorite parts of the whole trip. I would highly recommend doing something like this to anyone travelling to Chicago.

We decided not to bring my big camera on this trip and so I just stuck with our little Nikon. I have to say, for a little camera, it takes some great shots (especially food!). I know I could’ve gotten better shots with the Canon, but I’m happy with what this camera took of the fireworks.

Oh and lastly, we got stuck in some traffic going through the Chicago Harbor Lock before the fireworks show began at 9:30 pm. So when we finally made it through, we were smack dab right next to the barge that they were being fired from. And man, it was LOUD! My teeth chattered a few times when they were released because we were so close to them. Intense!


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