purple alliums

There’s something about allium flowers that grabs my attention each time I see them. I don’t know if it’s because I’m in awe of how perfectly round they seem to be, or if it’s the bright purple color of the petals.

I made a special trip out to Windsor Button in downtown Boston a couple of days before our trip to Chicago because I just had to get some skeins of Manos yarn for a striped scarf project so I could work on it during the plane ride. A scarf? Made out of wool? Yes. And you’re working on it in this heat? Yes. Well, mostly at work where it’s quite frigid because of the air conditioning. But yes, during the summertime. I know, crazy but Christmas is coming! (<– that was supposed to be funny …)

So, where was I going with this? Oh yeah … so I made this special drive out to downtown Boston and actually managed to find a parking spot (thank you, parking angel!) next to the Public Garden. I went along and bought the yarn, and then on my way back to the car decided to take a quick stroll through the garden. Why not, right? It was a gorgeous spring day, I didn’t have anywhere to be in a hurry, and I could use the exercise.

Oh, and the alliums were in bloom!

So pretty. So tall. So purple. So spring. So step-carefully-over-the-chain-onto-the-grass-for-a-quick-photo-opp worthy.

And it was also nice to see so many people out enjoying the weather. I loved this scene of the swan boats at rest.

Of course, as I write this — fashionably (?) late mind you — I look at these photos I took a couple of weeks ago and our park just pales in comparison to what we experienced in Chicago. More from that trip to come soon!



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