another reminder

Another reminder of why I like my job:

Nice gestures of gratitude like this remind me of aspects of my job that I enjoy the most. We had a new employee that moved to Boston from Montreal over the weekend start on Monday, and while trying to get her tax forms processed I realized that she would have to apply for a social security number. Instead of sending her out on her own to the social security administration office in Davis Square, I offered to drive her there only to find out that the wait to be seen would take over an hour. I reluctantly left her there after she convinced me she’d be okay (amongst some of Somerville’s finest … sketchy is all I will say) and she luckily managed to find her way back to our office later that afternoon.

During the drive there, I mentioned that we have a group of rather competitor bakers at the office and how we have monthly baking contests. And then I came in on Tuesday morning to find this sweetly hand-written note and a delicious cookie inside. She remembered our conversation about baked goods!

Again, another reminder of the fact that I have some pretty awesome coworkers. 🙂


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