a day in new york

A quick glimpse of the George Washington Bridge

I never really understood what the phrase, “in a New York minute” meant until I actually visited the Big Apple shortly after moving to Boston.  I had gone there with a good friend of mine from high school and even then — I think we were barely 21 years old — I don’t know if I totally grasped the concept despite being surrounded by a massive number of tourists and visitors.  I’ve been there about six times since that visit, over the span of eleven years, and it wasn’t until this last visit during Labor Day week that I realized how quickly things and time really do move in NYC.  As odd as it seemed to me before the trip, we still managed to see and do a lot within one day in New York.  Here is a brief recap of our 24 hour whirlwind of a trip.

Tony and I drove down early on a Wednesday morning around 7:15 am and it only took us about 4 hours total to get down to NYC, which was surprising since we both anticipated a lot more rush-hour traffic.  (I think what was even more surprising to him was that I managed to stay awake the entire time – LOL)  We met my mom and step-dad at the Fairfield Inn Marriott on West 37th and then set off on foot in search of the new Eataly Italian market and restaurant that I had read about online just a couple of days before our trip.

We found it and boy, it was quite a scene!  The building is huge and it’s packed with so much good food, dining options, and Italian grocery items that you could only dream of finding elsewhere in the States.  It took us a while but we finally figured out how to flag down a waitress in one of the dining areas, and we enjoyed this board of meats and cheeses as we sipped on wine and stuffed ourselves with freshly baked bread.  It was a bit chaotic but well worth it if you find yourself in the Flatiron district one day.  (View more photos from our Eataly experience here.)

A bride and groom in Central Park

The hotel was located in the Garment District so mom had a ball checking out the local shops for clothes and bling, all of course at a reduced price once she haggled with the salesman (that woman can talk anyone down to a low price, let me just tell you).  We decided to change and head over to the top part of Central Park so that we could explore that area (on foot) before our 8 pm dinner reservations.  We hopped in a cab and it dropped us off in front of the Met, but alas, it was already closed by then so we couldn’t check it out.  Knowing how quickly it would be to drive down to NYC and to be able to spend a day there, we will definitely go back in the spring time so we can check out the Met and the Guggenheim.  We decided to walk back through the park towards Columbus Circle and along the way we stopped at the fountain near the mall and the Central Park Boathouse Cafe.  At first, we wanted to treat mom and Mike to a horse carriage ride but once we found out it was $50 for 20 minutes we quickly changed our minds.  Along the way we saw this beautiful couple on their way to take photos by the fountain and I couldn’t resist snapping a shot of the back of her wedding gown.  I love how the setting sun sparkles in the shot, and how it captures a sense of urgency to get somewhere and to get their quickly.  I also love how it shows my husband and step-dad in the upper right of the photo, way ahead of my mom and me.

Central Park from the inside

Central Park from the outside

A friend of mine posted a photo of the Columbus Circle after she had attended a conference in NYC and their group had dinner at the Robert restaurant on top of the Museum of Arts and Design.  Since it was an area of the City that I had never been to, I made the dinner reservations for the four of us and without describing the spectacular view that we would experience from the 9th floor of the building.  It was pretty awesome, I must say!  To see how green Central Park is from above, and the lights dashing around Columbus Circle was pretty darn cool.

Columbus Circle

We took a short cab ride back to Times Square.  It’s amazing how much electricity is pumping in that city at all hours: it was nearly 11 pm but the lights were so bright that it seemed like it was early evening.

Times Square

People were everywhere you looked and stores were still open which blew me away.  It truly is the city that never sleeps I suppose.

The next morning, Tony and I stumbled upon Crumbs cupcake shop in our search for coffee.  Man oh man, I felt like a little kid in a candy shop!  There were so many amazing flavors to choose from.  We settled on 4 for the road to take with us to my in-laws’ house that day (yes, we were good and we actually shared): the cookies and cream, a simple vanilla cupcake with chocolate frosting, a vanilla coconut, and a brownie cupcake.  They were absolutely delicious!

Crumbs cupcakes

So that concludes our little 24 jaunt to and from the Big Apple.  Would we do it again?  You betcha.  In a New York minute.  🙂


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