surprise package

I know, I’ve been abandoning the blog lately but I assure you, it’s all for a good reason!  I don’t have time to explain so for now you’ll have to settle for this quick post about a cute surprise package I received at work the other day.

I have to say (real quick!) that I am one of those people who hates to be surprised by something like a surprise party, and yet I’m also the same person that loves to throw those parties and catch people off guard.  (I’m sure many of my friends and my husband can attest to that.)  But who doesn’t love a surprise in the form of snail-mail?  I mean, these days it’s difficult to get someone to write something down on a little Post-it note (or write complete sentences in an email), so anything like a card or a hand-written note in the mail makes me extremely giddy.

So when I received a chunky manila envelope from our mail guy at work last week, I was super excited and ripped it open to find this:

Such a lovely surprise!!

It was a bag of M&M’s for my candy bowl at work from a woman who used to work at the Museums, with a cute little Halloween card and adorable cupcake pin attached to it.  It really made my day!  I especially like how the cupcake has a semi-devilish grin on its cute little face … I think it pairs perfectly with my other pin on my computer monitor, what do you think?  (LOL)


Anyway, a short and sweet post about a super sweet gesture.  Another reminder of how I have some super nice co-workers, both current and former.  🙂


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