the penny jar

Can you guess how much is in the jar??

This jar of pennies began before I met Tony, which many of you may not know, was almost 11 years ago.  He started putting his loose penny change in it way back then and we decided to cash it in (since it was nearly full) the other night.  The great thing about those Coinstar machines is that you can opt out of the counting fee (something like 7 or 9 cents per dollar) if you choose to redeem your coins as a gift card.  So we decided to get a Starbucks card since we buy our ground coffee there.  Score!

Now just by looking at this jar of pennies, can you guess how much is in there?  And just an FYI, four little dimes managed to get in there somehow … I’ll post the amount tomorrow.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Jason Gardner says:

    I would give a guess of…. exactly 16.34… er wait, you said there were dimes in there….. 16.74

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