Little Danish pancake puffs

I remember thumbing through a Williams-Sonoma catalog last year and gawking at the Ebelskiver pan.  It’s a pan with seven little wells in it so that you can make these cute, puffy pancake creations.  I added it to my wish list and voila!  It appeared under our Christmas tree as a gift from our dad and stepmom.  (Thanks, Dad & Debbie!)

I decided to give the pan a try the morning after Christmas while my husband slept in.  I used the batter recipe from the handy book that they sent with the pan and wooden turning tools, which was essentially a regular pancake batter except that you use whipped eggs whites to lighten the batter.  It took longer to whip the egg whites than anything else, but I think it was worth it in the end because you could definitely tell that they were lighter and crisper than normal pancakes.

The cookbook has a lot of great recipes for fillings; using an ice cream scoop to fill each well; flipped ebelskivers; my first ebelskiver

Since I used the classic ebelskiver batter recipe and didn’t use a filling, I put more batter in each well.  Flipping them takes practice – that’s for sure! – since the liquid isn’t completely set when you go to flip them over.  I decided to put some small pieces of chopped dark chocolate in the middle of some of them toward the end of the batch.

A pile of ebelskivers with a coating of powdered sugar

I found it helpful to wipe the tips of the wooden flipping tools whenever batter got on them because it didn’t stick to the ebelskivers when you go to flip them.  Of course, it probably would’ve also helped if I used a proper brush to coat each well with melted butter as they had instructed, but instead I sopped up a paper towel with melted butter which probably didn’t provide an even enough coating.  Oh well, hopefully next time I’ll do better!  And next time, I will try some sort of fruit filling.  Making these filled the house with a delicious aroma and believe it or not, my husband and I cleared the whole plate of them.  Hey, it’s Christmas!  🙂

Ebelskivers with maple syrup go well with a cup of French pressed coffee


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