brioche french toast ... with crispy bacon!

Ahhh yes, starting the year off right by having brunch with a couple of dear friends in the South End today.  Add to that 50+ degree weather and you have yourself a wonderful first day of 2011. 

view from the back of the restaurant

We had brunch at Aquitaine and it was the first time I had been there.  It’s a really nice place.  It has that Parisian bistro feel to it for sure, with the elbow-to-elbow type of seating and lively conversations all around.  The restaurant always seemed booming whenever I’ve walked by in the past, and it was packed today so it was wise to make reservations ahead of time (a couple of people came in after us around and the wait was roughly 45 minutes – this was at 1 pm).

They have a lot of brunch menu items under $10 which was pleasantly surprising, and it was rather difficult to choose just one dish to enjoy.  My friends and I joked about ordering 4-5 dishes for the three of us to share but alas, we knew it would be quite unladylike and piggish.  I decided to go an atypical route and ordered something other than eggs Benedict (my usual brunch go-to option), and got the brioche french toast instead.  And boy, I sure am happy I did because it came served with a mountain of whipped cream, blueberries, and crispy bacon on top.  Yes, I said bacon!  And whipped cream!  I know it sounds funny pairing the two but it was so delicious.  But then again, bacon goes with everything (that is my motto).  I couldn’t finish every bite, although I was embarrassingly close to it.  One of my friends ordered the same thing except she had strawberries with hers, and we both agreed that it was very good brioche that they used for the toast.  Our friend had the Croque Madame which is a Croque Monsieur (ham and cheese sandwich) with an egg on top, and said it was good but quite heavy on the butter.

Overall it was a good experience at Aquitaine in terms of the food and drinks; there was a large selection of both, and it seems like there is something there for everyone to enjoy.  The seating was quite tight and there is only one toilet so there was a constant line near our table.  Our waitress wasn’t very nice, and asked us a few times if we were ready to order which kind of gave us a feeling of being rushed so that kind of stunk.  Other than that though, the food was very good and I want to take my husband there sometime for brunch in the future.  It’s nice to know there’s another dining option in the South End if our usual favorites are booked.

Aquitaine French Bistro
569 Tremont Street
Boston, MA 02118


1 thought on “1.1.11

  1. I have had similar service issues there. The winter day I was there, there was little heat on, and the management seemed more concerned with the waitstaff’s uniform code than their warmth, which made the waitresses crabby. It was less than a relaxing meal! Food was good on that visit.

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