sew happy

Back in August, I posted the fact that I was going to try to make my first quilt.  Nearly six months later, I’m sew happy (<– ha ha) to report that it’s finally done!

the "lotus brick quilt" design by Amy Butler

I know, it’s not a color palette that most people would pick but I think it’s very “me” … lots of green, some of my new favorite color: grey, some flashes of salmon, and the occasional dark spot.

I have to say, quilting was a lot more tedious than difficult.  Tedious in how you have to measure and cut each and every block.  Tedious as in pinning each block together, sewing, and then ironing them flat.  Tedious as in sewing more and more together until you’re done.

But very worth all the time and effort in the end.

The funnest part?  Picking out all the pretty fabrics.  The not-so-funnest part?  Being poked by all the needles when I wasn’t paying attention.

It is supposed to be 72″ x 72″ in size (I admit I haven’t done a final measurement yet), and will live in one of our guest rooms.  The one with the grey walls.  🙂


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