sometimes you just gotta take a risk

Avocados are on my list of foods that I am allergic to.  But ever since I recently discovered/succumbed to the fact that I have allergic reactions to potatoes, I’ve been “testing” things on this list just to be sure.  Of course, some things have been in small portions (i.e. a nibble) but this was my first full blown, all out, I’m-just-gonna-eat-it-and-who-cares-if-I-break-out test. 

It was one of those nights last week where we had more snow dumped on us, and the only thing that sounded good for dinner was a grilled sandwich.  So I put together some brie, prosciutto, and half an avocado on a toasted Portuguese muffin and savored every bite.  It had been sooooo long since I ate even a little bit of avocado, so the creaminess and freshness was quite overwhelming at first.  It was almost like tasting something for the first time again.

Was I armed with Benadryl in case I broke out?  Of course. Did my husband panic at the smallest thought that we might need to rush out to the emergency room later that night?  Yep. Did that stop me from taking a risk?  Nope.

“So what happened?” you ask.  Pretty much nothing, which is kind of awesome.  I was a little bit itchy around my wrists and on the tops of my forearms and hands the next day but it was certainly nothing that would stop me from running this test again.  If I get the same mild reaction the next time, I can definitely see sacrificing myself every now and then for a helping of avocado.  Yum!  🙂


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