OMG red velvet! event

My husband and I are not big fans of going out on the actual night of Valentine’s day because (as I’ve griped about before) restaurants tend to only offer prix fixe menus and/or jacked up pricing.  So this year we decided to celebrate last Tuesday night by having dinner at Sportello (one of our fave restaurants for Italian food – a separate post tomorrow) and an after dinner drink at Drink.  For dessert, we attended the OMG Red Velvet! event and got to see some of the best chefs and sweetsmakers in Boston and their awesomely original red velvet concoctions at Flour Bakery at Fort Point Channel. 

Participating chefs included:

The Chocolate Tarte
Flour Bakery
Hungry Mother
Poe’s Kitchen
SoCo Creamery
Susu Bakery
Sweet Cupcakes
Union Bar + Grille
Will Gilson of Garden at the Cellar

The event sold out which was pretty evident in the crowded bakery, and it was great because all of the proceeds went to a charity called Lovin’ Spoonfuls.  Talk about a major sugar rush!!  There were so many incredible creations to try, including red velvet fried chicken (yes! chicken!) by Chef Will Gilson.  I think my favorite was the red velvet cupcake topped with marshmallow and then dipped in chocolate which was made by Flour Bakery. 

I couldn’t try everything because of food allergies, such as the cake with raspberry sauce that my lucky husband got to have two servings of.  But I’ve certainly had my fill of sugar to last through the rest of this week from what I did eat for sure!  It was great to see different restaurants and bakeries collaborating under one roof for a cause, so I hope another event like this will happen again sometime soon. 

To see more photos from the event, click here.


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