The goal of last night’s class was to work on the wheel to learn how to center clay, and then hopefully be able to make a cylinder.  I know this is going to sound terrible but I cannot get it to go up straight.  Seriously!  I think I definitely need to work more on centering the clay on the wheel, too.  It’s much harder to do than it seems after watching our teacher, Kathy, demonstrate on the wheel.

Here’s what my first attempt at creating a cylinder looked like:

As you can see, it’s more like a bowl than a cylinder!  I have to work on pulling the sides up at more of an inward angle.  This is what my coworker, Ariel’s, looked like and what mine was supposed to look like:

Ariel's cylinder

As Kathy has told us, it definitely is harder to make a cylinder and everything wants to be a bowl.  So that just means more and more practice and hopefully one day I’ll be able to achieve a cylinder shape.

The museum crew (all six of us in the class) decided to stay late after class to get more practice in.  It was kind of cool having the entire space to ourselves.  I ended up making a total of four things (errr, dare I say bowls?) but it got progressively worse as the night went on.  Throwing clay on the wheel uses a lot of strength from your arms, shoulders, and wears out the sides of your hands.  Never mind your back being worn out from crouching over your work the entire time!  It’s definitely something that will take time for me to get used to.

The tumblers that we made in last week’s class were carted away to be fired in the kiln last night too.  I can’t wait to try out glazes and to see how it turns out in the end.  Till then I’ll be super-moisturizing my hands and dreaming of creating a perfect cylinder on the wheel.


2 thoughts on “ceramics.2

  1. I took ceramics in high school… for 3 semesters… and I never made a cylinder! I think I may have only had one piece from the wheel that I actually carried through to a finished product! So don’t feel bad for not getting it right away!

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