brunch at metropolis cafe (south end)

exactly what I was craving!

The nice thing about spending your Saturday cleaning up the house to the pre-renovation stage means being able to treat yourself to something good on Sunday.  In this case, I got my wish after murmuring on the couch Saturday night, “I am craving pancakes and bacon.”  And lucky for me, my husband was smart to say, “Let’s go get brunch tomorrow.”  Awesome.  Good night.

Fast forward to Sunday morning and waiting for him to hurry up and shower so we could get some food.  I was starving!  I Googled ‘pancakes in the south end’ and eventually came to a list of ten ranked restaurants for brunch in Boston’s South End.  I went through the first three although I really only had to click on the first one to be convinced — it happened to be for Metropolis Cafe — to view their menus just to ensure that they served pancakes (numbers 2 and 3 did not).  And it was exactly what I was craving: 2 pancakes, 2 eggs, and 2 slices of bacon.  “Hurry up and get dressed, I’m starving!”

We got to Tremont Street close to 11 am and luckily found a parking spot right away.  It was kind of eerily quiet out on the street, with a few people sitting in the outdoor patios of a couple of restaurants.  When we got to Metropolis, we were happy to find that there was no wait and we scored a nice little table next to the window.  A line slowly started forming soon after that so I think we got there at a good time.  Our waiter, Adam, was genuinely nice and happy to all the customers even though it was getting a little bit warm inside (it was pretty muggy outside) and it looked like he was the only person taking orders from all the tables.

When our food arrived, I think I had a smile from ear to ear and dove right in.  I ordered the two eggs as scrambled and they came out so nice and light and airy.  The bacon was super crispy and as delectable as bacon can be.  But the pancakes.  The pancakes were perfect!  As my husband said, “It’s easy to screw up pancakes,” (read: I like these pancakes) these were perfectly light and fluffy (not too thick).  Topped with some pure maple syrup and I was probably the happiest person in that restaurant.  Oh wait, no, maybe that was my husband since he got about 1/4 of my stack to eat along with his extra yummy, runny over easy eggs (the best way to have eggs cooked), home fries, and toast.  (Yes folks, I actually hit a wall while trying to stuff all of the pancake into my mouth.)

Overall, it was a great choice for brunch because it was inexpensive, delicious, simple, and there was hardly a wait for the food to come out.  It’s a great casual place and I think it would be okay for a small family (there was a little girl in there and let’s just say that everyone knew that she knew her ABC’s …) but some of the seating is a little tight (think tables for 2 elbow to elbow), so you might request a table on the other side of the restaurant.  Three out of the four customers sitting adjacent to our table ordered the huevos ranchero so it must be good (they seemed like local folks).  I would definitely head back to Metropolis Cafe the next time I’m craving pancakes and bacon.

Suggestion:  After eating brunch, head over to the SoWA open market at 460 Harrison Avenue.  Exit the restaurant, turn right and then turn right onto Union  Park Street.  Walk three streets down (you’ll cross Shawmut and Washington) then turn left onto Harrison Street.  Look for Thayer Street and then turn right.  You’ll know when you’re in the right place once you see the crowds of people.  For walking directions from the restaurant, click hereMy crafty friends – be warned!  There is a bead and yarn store on that street.  I’m just sayin’.

Metropolis Cafe
584 Tremont Street
Boston, MA 02118


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