thousand layer cake

This may look like an ordinary cake, and that’s just one of the many things I love about it.  You see, it’s anything but ordinary.  It’s extraordinary.  It’s a fabulous creation.  It was what held the secret of whether we are having a baby boy or baby girl.

I hear you, I hear you … “Whaaaaaat??”  How could a cake hold a secret?  Oh let me just tell you, my friend.

You see, my husband and I wanted to be surprised by the gender of our first baby but we also wanted to know in advance.  We’re I’m the type of person who likes needs to plan ahead (see me about any vacations trips and you’ll know what I mean) and I want to have as much ready for the baby’s arrival as possible, including the nursery.  Do I make it gender neutral or can I go with shades of blue?  Plus, after having three grandsons, I wanted my mom to know if she was going to have her first granddaughter to finally shop for frilly clothing for.  🙂  Yes, I just pathetically used my own mother as an excuse to find out the baby’s gender.

I had read somewhere (maybe here? or here?) about how parents-to-be were hiring bakeries to make a cake with the inside dyed blue or girl depending on whether they were going to have a boy or girl so I mentioned the idea to my husband one day.  We both agreed that the idea of having a total stranger know before we did was quite unappealing, so I thought I’d try asking a couple of friends if they would be willing to let us hire them for the task.  Oh and let’s have a party while we’re at it, shall we?

I didn’t have to ask more than one person before our challenge was accepted by my coworker and friend, Jeff.  His face lit up after I explained myself a little bit more (I think I scared him for a second at first) and he was actually excited about what to create.  There would be days when he’d walk by my desk with a big smile because ideas were constantly going through his mind about what to make.

In advance of the cake party date, he created what I think is the most awesome invention this decade: a baby gender vote tabulating device in the form of a book!  He hollowed out a book and wired two voting buttons with electric counters that moved the needle of a gauge at the top of the book.  It operates on batteries and what’s better than that?  There’s a reset button on the back for future babies!  (I told him he need to patent the idea and sell these everywhere.)

So when we went in for an ultrasound at the point where they could tell the gender, I explained to the technician how we wanted to know but not at that moment and how he had to write it down on a piece of paper and put it in a sealed envelope.  I’m sure they get these types of requests a lot because he didn’t even blink an eye and agreed to do so.  We continued with the ultrasound and we both kept our eyes peeled for any signs.  Then the technicians left the room, came back, wrote the gender, and passed the sealed envelopes (I had them do it twice) to us with big smiles and extreme confidence in what they thought it would be.  I was pretty positive that they wrote “girl” but my husband was pretty confident that he saw a pair down there (if you know what I mean).

The next day, I handed one of the envelopes to Jeff at work (I kept one hidden at home – you know, for the baby’s scrapbook!).  At this point, my coworkers and some friends via Facebook had cast their votes and “girl” was in the lead pretty much 3 to 2 from the beginning.

Fast forward to the day of the party and cutting the cake … and voila!  We’re having a baby girl!!

It was so great having family and friends with us at that moment.  Tears were flowing, people were cheering – it was just one of those insanely happy and exciting moments.

Now let me tell you about this fabulous cake!

I know, there aren’t really a thousand layers but you get the point.  It was made with 25 layers of chocolate crepes and layers of pink pastry cream, then covered with chocolate ganache.  It was as delicious as it was visually stunning!!  From what I understand, there were some practice rounds and buckets of crepe batter that were involved (including another set of 25 crepes at home that were made just in case).  We just can’t thank Jeff enough for his creativity and all of the time he put into the planning and execution of this cake for us.  He still won’t give me the bill for the supplies but I’ll get this squared away some way or another, trust me.  Until then, if you’re in need of an extraordinary baker, let me know …  🙂


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