crisco olive oil

As a member of the Foodbuzz community, I received a box in the mail the other night that contained three bottles of Crisco‘s new line of olive oils.  I was already planning on cooking up a couple of pork chops for dinner that night so I decided to try out the Pure Olive Oil since it said it was best for sauteing.

I added a couple of tablespoons to a large pan over medium heat and then added the salt and pepper seasoned pork chops (bone-in).  I cooked each side for about 3 minutes and then turned the heat down to low, added some white grape juice to the pan (about 1/2 way up the sides of the chops), a handful of raisins and put the lid on the pan to let it simmer an additional 15 minutes.  During the last 5 minutes of cooking I added some broccoli to allow it to steam a little bit, then served with some Israeli pearl couscous.

The olive oil prevented the chops from sticking to the pan and I like that it didn’t leave an oily residue on them too.

On another note (and this is not photographed – my apologies), the next night we had some pasta for dinner with foccacia bread so I poured some of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil over a little pile of grated Romano cheese and ground black pepper in a little saucer for dipping.  Yum!

For more information about their olive oils and recipes, click here.


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