missing somerville

There are places and things that I miss about living in Somerville, but it’s nice to know that we’re not that far away from the city we lived in for oh-so-long (over 11 years!) whenever we want to visit some of our favorite places.  Today was a cold, windy Saturday and the perfect time to revisit some of my old favorite places.

One great stop for fun and thoughtful gift shopping is Davis Squared.  I always look forward to the different window displays that they come up with!  Loved the kimono and the origami cranes during February.

One place that I miss going to for lunch during the week is Sherman Cafe in Union Square.  They always have really good and interesting bagel specials (not to mention other yummy creations – they make the best scones!) so I got today’s special: smoked blue fin cream cheese with on a plain bagel with cucumbers, onions, and dressed greens.  Yum!

And lastly, we stopped by the Armory building on Highland Avenue to check out the Somerville Winter Farmers Market.  I think it’s great how the Armory holds a variety of events and shows in the restored building; I’ve participated in a couple of craft shows there in the past.  The farmers market takes place on Saturdays from now until May 26th from 9:30 am to 2:30 pm.  I picked up some mushroom duxelles ravioli from Nella Pasta, a loaf of Italian bread from Great Cape Baking Company, and a ball of mozzarella from Fiore Di Nonno.  Can’t wait to dig into them this weekend!

So if you’re ever in Somerville on a Saturday, here are some ideas for things to do and see.  You may just see me wandering around one day with a dazed look of “I wish I still lived here”.  🙂


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