SOS 2012 :: day 1

There was a point about a year ago now where I fell into quite a crafting funk.  I mean, I just couldn’t put two and two together to create a card to save my life.  I don’t really know why that happened but after conversing with some of my artsy friends, it seems to happen to everyone now and then.  Luckily for me, the best thing about doing a craft show has been gaining the motivation back to create new and fun card designs.  Alas, with a newborn it can get tricky.  You know, with this whole lack of time to oneself and all.  (I laugh as I type this and I’m sure anyone with a baby/kid will understand my sarcastic tone here.)  So before I show you some of the newest card designs I thought I’d show you what my work space looked like one evening when I did have a few quiet minutes to myself, complete with the baby monitor in full view.

I am really loving these new “celebrate” cards!  I made some for ‘mom’, ‘dad’, ‘you’, and ‘us’ for SOS and they have been a big hit so far after day one.  And yes, those squares are all individually cut with a paper trimmer.  And yes, those letters are all individually hand stamped by moi.  I’ll admit, it’s one of the most time consuming designs I’ve made in a long time but I think the overall design and how the message just pops out made it all worth it.

The celebrate “you” cards would be great to give to someone as a birthday card or even as a congratulations card.  They are blank on the inside so you can add any sort of special message.

And another new design that debuted at today’s show was this “congratulations” card I made with a baby theme (other card base colors are available).  It’s also available in a graduation and a wedding theme.

It was so nice to see many past customers and fans today during the show!  I’m thankful to all my friends who made the trek out to Joy Street Studios today too.  The homemade chocolate chip cookies I brought in seemed to be a huge hit too!  Looking forward to another day of SOS tomorrow — hope to see you there!  And if you haven’t already picked up a Mother’s Day gift my hosting studio partner, Rebecca Scott of Jewelsfabulous, has some exquisitely beautiful jewelry pieces to choose from!


1 thought on “SOS 2012 :: day 1

  1. Really enjoyed meeting you yesterday at SOS. Your work is beautiful! And, remarkable chocolate chip cookies too!

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