coda (south boston)

This is a late post about celebrating my husband’s birthday this year at Coda in Boston.  (Trying to play catch up here, folks!)

My husband thought that I forgot his birthday this year because I didn’t wish him a happy one the whole day until we arrived at the restaurant.  I knew that there was no real way of surprising him by taking him out for a nice meal with the baby in tow, so I waited for him to go to the restroom and set the envelope on the table.  Inside was this handmade greeting card and proof that I remembered his special day.  Despite the sleep deprivation!

We managed to find a parking spot around the corner and got to the restaurant around 4 pm, still in time to order from their lunch menu.  Being a Friday and before most people get off from work, the place wasn’t busy and so finding a table where our stroller wouldn’t be in the way was easy.  The restaurant has a lot of low table seating, high table seating, and plenty of bar seats available so there’s pretty much an option for everyone.

The birthday boy went with the mac and cheese dish which was served with pancetta, peas, and aged cheddar cheese.  It was very creamy and hearty.

I decided to try their tempura battered haddock sandwich because you don’t see tempura batter on many menus (I’m allergic to corn and typically cornmeal is used).  I didn’t eat the slaw that is pictured here by the way (the carrots!), and I chose the side of greens instead of fries.  It was nicely crisp with a light texture, and the brioche roll that it’s served with was a good match.

It’s been a while since we last ate at Coda (here’s an old post but I’m sure we had gone there between then and now at least once) and it’s great to see that they are still a successfully run restaurant with a focus on using local farms and bakeries. The people that work there are always very nice and friendly, and the atmosphere is quite welcoming.  It’s a great place for a casual date, a small group outing, and is baby friendly during off-peak hours (again, we were there at 4pm on a weekday).  I like what they did with the bathroom walls and showing their support of local suppliers.

Coda Bar and Kitchen
329 Columbus Avenue
South Boston, MA 02116


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