Somehow the concept that Halloween was around the corner didn’t fully dawn on me until the day before when I realized that I still had no candy to hand out to trick-or-treaters.  I made a trip to Target and joined a dozen other people scurrying around to find the best deals on bagged candy.  And then I remembered that our little one would need something to collect candy in but they had already run out of plastic pumpkins and other cute trick-or-treating bag options.  So I settled on a purple 59 cent gift bag and called it a day.

Later that night I thought to myself, “Self … that sure is one plain bag you’re letting your little one use for her first ever trick-or-treating experience.  You can do better than that.”  So I dug up some letter stickers, a roll of washi tape, a spider rubber stamp, a black ink pad, and a Sharpie marker and managed to transform a plain bag into something a little more festive within minutes.

Hope you and yours had a fun and safe Halloween this year too!  Happy trick-or-treating!


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