peanut butter chocolate cookies (photos)


I’m a fan of the Smitten Kitchen blog (who isn’t, right?) so I was excited when I unwrapped a Christmas gift and saw that it was her cookbook.  After flipping through every single glossy page and bookmarking things I want to try to make, I decided to make a batch of the peanut butter chocolate sandwich cookies on page 203 as a birthday present for the friend who gave me the cookbook.  Since it isn’t my recipe to share, I’ll post the photos from making these delicious (and adorable!) little cookies instead.


One thing I should’ve done — and I often run into this problem when trying out a new recipe — is read through all of the instructions first.  Because then I wouldn’t have been kicking myself when it came time to roll out the dough to discover that it was the crumbliest dough I’ve ever worked with (she even says this in the cookbook)!  Had I known this, and probably the next time I ever make these, I would’ve opted to make them by rolling and slicing the dough.  Sigh.



In any case, I was kind of glad to work with dough this way.  I wanted to make them as close as possible to what was in the cookbook, so I found these scalloped square cookie cutters (about 1.5″) at Sur la Table.  I love how you can see the teeny tiny layers of dough in each of the cookies.




I probably could’ve been a little more generous with the filling because I had quite a bit leftover after all of the cookies were sandwiched together.  I decided to make truffles with the remaining filling but scooping them with an ice cream scoop and rolling them in unsweetened ground chocolate.  Easy peasy.




I topped each of them with a little bit of sea salt to add that extra bit of crunch and another layer of flavor.

The cookies packaged up really easily and were a big hit.  I, stupidly, am allergic to peanuts so I had quite itchy hands after working with the dough!  So if you’re allergic, you probably shouldn’t make this recipe unless you can wear gloves while you do so.  It was a lot of work but well worth it for friends (and a husband!) who really appreciated them in the end.  🙂



1 thought on “peanut butter chocolate cookies (photos)

  1. Those look delicious! Could you try making them with almond butter (which I don’t think you’re allergic to)? Then you could at least enjoy the fruits… or cookies, of your labor!

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