card making: sewing fabric on paper


Take scrap pieces of fabric, add some ribbon, and a button embellishment to create a simple yet unique card.  It’s a great way to utilize scraps and de-stash your fabric bin at the same time.

This card is also my introduction to a word I think I made up: intercrafting.  (I can’t find it on Wikipedia or Google searches so that’s why I think I made it up.)  Intercrafting is my way of defining the concept of combining two (or more) crafts to create a project.  In terms of card making this can be demonstrated by sewing fabric onto paper; by incorporating a knitted element; by beading an embellishment to add to a card; or by hand embroidering on paper.  It’s a way to combine different hobbies and to broaden the possibilities of card making with other crafts that I am passionate about.  I can’t wait to share some of the ideas brewing in my head with all of you.

Happy crafting!



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