knitting :: dropped stitch striped cowl


I’m also calling this my “Frozen Cowl” simply because we seem to watch that movie every day.  Every. Single. Day.  And surprisingly, I get get one cowl made while watching the movie with our Frozen fanatic which is really a double win for this mama.


I saw this yarn at Michael’s one day and right away the idea of creating a cowl came to mind.  Despite being 100% polyester (you can tsk tsk tsk all you want) it is super duper soft like a t-shirt.  Since it’s striped I couldn’t really envision a solidly knit item, so I tried the dropped stitch option.  And voila!  The Frozen cowl happened.

If you want to try to recreate this, here is what I did using size 19 knitting needles (yes, they are gigantic!):

1. Cast on 12 stitches.

2. Knit two rows.

3. Knit one stitch, then wrap the yarn around the needle in your right (dominant hand) four times.

4. Knit another stitch, then repeat the yarn wrapping.

5. Do this until you reach the last stitch, then just knit the last stitch.

6. Now knit the first stitch of the next row just like you normally would, then unravel the yarn that you wrapped around the needle in step 3.

7. Knit the next stitch and repeat the unraveling. Do this for the remaining stitches.

8. Things may feel loose and funny at this point, but just knit two more rows.

9. Gently tug and stretch out the dropped stitches in between the sets of knitted rows.  Do this until you have six sets of dropped stitches.  Mine came out to 36″ before I decided to bind off.

10. Bind off and then cut a tail of about 15″ to weave the two ends together.  You don’t need a knitting needle because the yarn is so thick and the weaving is very forgiving with large, loose stitches (and that stripped pattern).  I tied the excess from the cast on edge and the excess from the bind off edge together in a double knot and left the excess long for fun.


Since the joined edges consist of knitted rows, you’ll find that it is going to be thicker than the other knitted areas.  When I wear the cowl I put the joined edges on the back of my neck, then pull slightly to the left so that the bulkiness isn’t on my neck (does that make any sense?).  Add or remove dropped stitch rows depending on how long or short you want the cowl to be.  Make it longer so that you can double wrap it around your neck too.  And you can alter the number of times you wrap the yarn around the needle to make the dropped stitches shorter or longer.

Have fun with this one!  This yarn is sold exclusively at Michael’s stores for $8.99 per skein.  The store I found it at had this teal color, eggplant purple, red, yellow, and black stripes.  I have managed to make three cowls out of one skein of yarn – score!  They make great gifts and are light enough for spring and summer weather.  Enjoy!



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