toddler crafting :: headbands


My 3-year-old daughter and I have two friends that we meet on a weekly basis for a crafting play date.  We each rotate taking turns by hosting at our homes, providing lunch, and a fun age-appropriate craft to do together.  Today was our sixth get together and after sharing some of the past projects on Facebook and receiving such positive feedback, I thought it might be nice to share the idea with all you in case it inspires some creativity.

Today’s craft activity was decorating headbands.  (In case you couldn’t guess, all three friends are girls.)  Our friend bought these 1″ wide headbands that are wrapped in grosgrain ribbon from Amazon and they are priced at $13 for a package of 12, so each girl got to decorate 4 headbands.  Part of the problem of having three toddlers is that they generally want the same things so we were a little nervous that there is only one of each color in the package.  But luckily we spread them out on the table and each girl picked a new color to decorate as we went along until each of them had completed four — all without any quarrels!


Our friend also had some scrap felt from a previous project that she cut until little flower and leaf shapes before we arrived.  She found some packages of sequins that we could glue onto the flowers or directly to the headbands, and the girls loved peeling strips of the adhesive rhinestones.  We used tacky glue to attach the rhinestones and felt to the headbands.



It was fun watching the girls come up with ways they wanted to use the embellishments.  They weren’t really concerned about the colors matching or whether things were off-center or lined up properly.  They were simply having fun.  🙂  And the best part?  My daughter, who normally dislikes anything on top of her head, actually wore a headband afterward and in the car on the way home!

I should also say … I was never the headband type.  I think I have an unusually wide head so I always found that headbands would give me a headache from squeezing my head after a while.  After trying one of these on I would have to say that they are surprisingly comfortable and I think softer on the temples than normal headbands, which maybe why my daughter doesn’t mind them on so much.  That or my head is shrinking.  Could be both!

Happy crafting!



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