toddler crafting :: painted puzzles


In continuation of sharing our weekly craft dates, here’s a great project idea for little hands: paint your own puzzles!  Our friend bought these blank puzzles from a local craft store and they are sold in a variety of packs and sizes.  (I think the ones we used are this one listed on Amazon.)  The one we used are 5.5″ x 8″ in size and the large pieces are perfect for toddlers.


The set up for this activity was quite simple and each kid painted two pictures.  We used Crayola tempera paints and poured little amounts in plastic trays, then let them do whatever they wanted!  It was interesting to watch and see what each kid ended up doing.


I really liked how one mom created a masked area with some masking tape (the letter ‘A’) and then painted around it.  Once you lift the tape the unpainted area stays blank.  So cool!

This was a very simple, easy, and fun activity that little hands can manage on their own.  They would also make great gifts for grandparents and friends.

Happy crafting!



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