sewing :: modified glass onion top

IMG_7805_ccLately my favorite way to spend free time has been sewing.  I love making things for our 3.5-year-old to wear, especially when she picks out a particular fabric that she likes at the fabric store.  She has this tendency to obsess over something once she realizes that she likes it, and lately this had been demonstrated by her discovery of Strawberry Shortcake.  Not the cute, little, frumpy hat version you and I had back in the 80’s – rather the modern, hip, taller, and cooler version that is so popular today.  While we were perusing through one of my favorite fabric stores, she insisted that I make her something out of this strawberry-covered fabric.  And the first pattern I immediately thought of?  Why, the Glass Onion Top of course.  It’s my go-to pattern for a simple, casual, and fun top because of the super cute back panels that overlap.  I love how there are no buttons or zippers so she can slip it right over her head.  And I can make one with less than a yard of fabric – bonus!


The pattern normally calls for the front panel of the top to be two different pieces, with the bottom part in a gather along the bodice.  We’re going to a strawberry festival this weekend and the weather forecast is for a pretty warm day around 80 degrees, and it’ll be our first time picking out on a field.  I wanted to create something light for her to wear so I decided to try and modify the pattern a little bit and make a simple tank top version (sleeveless).  Plus I wanted to make it quickly, so I joined the bodice and front pieces together and made it straight in front to skip the gathering step.  But I still kept the back’s signature swooping design, and this time used double-fold bias tape to cover all of the edges.


I don’t think I’m a particularly quick sewer but this took me about 2 hours total to pull together, and I love the result.  Better yet, she loves the shirt!  I’ve made a few Glass Onion Tops and like how she can wear them and actually play, and I don’t worry too much about them getting dirty.  It’s a great pattern to use with cotton fabric and with this modification I had a good amount of leftover of the yard I cut into.  To use the bias-tape around all the edges you will need a 4-yard pack of the 1/4″ size tape as it took a little over 3 yards to do this one in a size 4T.

And her latest obsession?  The Disney Fairies.  I can almost guarantee that she’ll have a dress or top with Tinker Bell themed fabric soon.  🙂




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