card making :: different perspectives


I have a shadow.  Right now, it’s 4-years-old and it likes to copy almost everything I do.  This shadow currently loves to stamp just like me.  And it likes to work right next to me at the table.

In case you haven’t figured it out, my shadow is our daughter.  And she absolutely has fallen in love with crafting just like her mama.  The other day, I was working with this cute cocktail stamp set by Stampin’ Up! and she was sitting at the table so that she was looking straight at me.  I began stamping the glasses on the card front when she asked, “Mommy, can I make popsicles too?”  I was puzzled and said, “I don’t have any popsicle stamps.”  Then she pointed at the image I had just created (the first glass) and said, “That’s a popsicle!”

I turned it upside down and sure enough, when you add a straw stick it does look like a popsicle!  So she went on and created her own little set of cards using the stamp set:


And even took the time to identify the various flavors for me:


Cute, right?!  Another lesson for this mama that it all depends on perspective.  She sees things that I don’t see and in ways I don’t see them.  I think this little shadow of mine has an awesome, creative mind.  This inspired me to look at the stamps I have and to try using them in a different way.  Happy crafting!


Supplies Used:


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