diy :: food skewers out of buttons

I’ve been on the whole lunch box packing thing lately. There is a ton of inspiration out there for fun ways to jazz up what might otherwise be considered a boring meal.  One thing that is pretty common to use are food picks or skewers.  Fast forward to a trip to our local craft store and E eyeing a package of cute mermaid themed buttons.  I snuck them into our shopping basket when she wasn’t looking and decided to try to make my own plastic skewers that could be reused in her lunches.  Because you know me, I’m just crafty like that.  🙂

Going back to the concept of being able to reuse them: I wanted to find something that would be washable and not too sharp (she’s only 5 after all).  Luckily I found plastic treat sticks at a Michael’s store.  On their own they are the perfect size to fit in the largest part of her BentGo lunch box container, but I wanted to attach a button on the end of them so I used some super sharp scissors to cut off about 1/2″.  I used super glue and it created a really tight bond after a couple of minutes.

I wanted this lunch box to be extra special since it was for her first full day of kindergarten.  I made little skewers of turkey and small mozzarella cheese balls; water crackers; sliced cucumbers; frozen peas and chickpeas; and a little pack of Sixlets. Plus a juice box and some popcorn and goldfish crackers for snack time.  In hindsight, she said she was very surprised by the skewers but I may have packed too much food because she didn’t get a chance to eat the Sixlets before lunchtime was over (I don’t think they get very much time to eat anyway, and she’s usually a Chatty Cathy so …)!

Of course now that I know I can do this, I probably won’t be looking at buttons in a craft store the same way anymore!  🙂



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