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Doesn’t it look like I stamped half a million flowers and leaves on this card design?

If you’re a crafty stamper too, you may have picked up on this trend of “layered stamping” because I feel like it’s everywhere. When I first began using stamp sets that came in multiple pieces (the layers), I’ll admit that I found it daunting. I’m supposed to line up what to what now? How do I know where this one goes compared to that one? You get the idea.  It took some practice (and patience!) to figure out some of the unique qualities behind layered stamping, and I think the “Home Life” stamp set from Stampin’ Up! is a great way to ease your way through the use of this fun technique.

This stamp set comes with three separate images to create the house-shaped background so it allows you to mix colors between layers.

But sometimes choosing the colors can be the tough part!  I’ve found (the hard way) that sometimes the color of the ink pad container doesn’t look the same on paper, so I made a key to refer to where I can see the different variations.

You can decide the order in which you want to stamp the three layers to create the house shape.  I start with the leaf image first, and then do the small filler flowers second.  There is a dot at the top of the stamp (like at the top of what would be the roof) to help you line up the layers, and you can see in the far right image that I accidentally stamped that onto the paper too (I think I pressed too hard).  It’s okay because it’ll be cut out later with the die cutting tool.  And you can see where I didn’t press hard enough on one of the leaf images in the far right image again, but I didn’t worry too much because it’ll be covered with the sentiment later.

I think this is the best explanation of why I love using clear (acrylic) stamps: you can see where to line things up!

I loved coming up with different color combinations for the three layers!  It’s fun to play with different color palettes and really get use out of your ink pad stash.

The die cutting set that coordinates with this stamp set has one that will allow you to punch out just the flower images, and one that has an outline of the house.  The flower images can then be mounted onto the stamped background with something like foam tape so that they pop out a little bit, or used entirely on their own in another card design.

I also really like how the “congratulations!” sentiment fits perfectly into the banner which is also included in this stamp set.  When paired with Stampin’ Up!’s colorful cardstock, these are easy and colorful cards to put together.  There is also a great tutorial you can watch on YouTube.

Happy crafting!


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