crafting :: candy cane + chocolate sleighs

{Edited on 12.20.17 to add new photos … scroll down to see them + a couple of new ideas!}

I saw this video on how to build little sleighs using candy canes and mini chocolate bars, and decided to try making some with our daughter.  It’s a really cute way to spread some holiday cheer to friends, teachers, and neighbors – and they’re simple to assemble.  She provides a helpful video on her website but here are some things that we did differently (plus a couple of things I learned along the way).

So first you’re gonna want to gather the candy, some tape, scrap pieces of paper, curling ribbon, and double sided tape if you have any. We used Kit Kat bars as the base but if you look up “candy cane sleigh” on Pinterest, you’ll see that you can use all sorts of candy bars. We also used the mini bars, Hershey’s nuggets, and some milk chocolate Dove candies (our daughter liked that there’s a bow on the packaging).  I also realized that the holiday version of the mini bars come with cute wrapping already, so you could skip that step if you wanted to make it super simple.

The other thing I learned is that candy canes come in just about every fricken flavor you can imagine these days!  We went with chocolate mint, hot cocoa, and I actually found some Smarties flavored candy canes (Smarties just happen to be our daughter’s most favorite candy right now).  You want to take two candy canes and tape them to the back of a Kit Kat bar to create the sleigh base.  We found it helpful to hang it off the edge of the table a little bit to allow the candy cane to lie flat.

The person in the video that I watched used real wrapping paper to totally cover up each little candy bar, but we went with strips instead. It left the edges of the bar showing but since they are shiny gold and silver we didn’t mind. For the mini bars I found that a 1.5″ wide x 3″ long strip worked well.  And for the nuggets, we used a 1″ wide x 3″ long strip.  Simply tape one end to the back of the bar, wrap it around, and then secure the other end with another piece of tape.  This is a great way to make use of paper scraps!

Then once you have a bunch of them wrapped up, use double sided tape to secure them onto the sleigh base.  We used about six to eight pieces of chocolate on each sleigh depending on how tall we wanted to make it.  Once you have the pile adhered to the sleigh, wrap a piece of curling ribbon around it like a present, secure with a double knot, and curl the ends.  And voila!  You’ve got yourself an adorable little sleigh of treats to share!

I’ve seen some that have cute Santa chocolates at the front of the sleigh, or with a gift card tucked into the front.  Our daughter liked the idea of using some of her Tsum Tsum figures to drive the sleigh!

{Added on 12.20.17} I found these boxed Amazon gift cards at CVS the other day and they’re perfect for my nephews (they’re so difficult to shop for!).  Sub out the Kit Kat bar with one of these and you have yourself a cute way to decorate a gift card present!

At one point, we ran out of regular sized Kit Kat bars so I taped two smaller bars (again, think of your Halloween stash!) together to form a base.  Oh and Reese’s peanut butter cups work well too!

Have fun building your sleighs with whatever supplies you have on hand.  It’s a good way to unload some of your Halloween trick-or-treating stash as well!  It’s an easy project for little humans to help out with (especially the stacking part!) so it makes for a great snow day craft to work on too.   Happy holidays and happy crafting!


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