card making :: one stamp, many colors

I was struggling to come up with a card design after a friend texted and asked for some valentines, and it didn’t help that it’s just a couple of days from now! I have a lot of stamps in my creative stash and sometimes that becomes more of a hindrance than a solution.  I haven’t used this heart stamp in quite a while so I decided to play around with it and include a sentiment that wasn’t strictly “happy valentine’s day” so that the card can be given to someone on any day.  It’s a good example of how you can take one stamp and combine it with multiple ink pads to create a very simple card design.

Creating this design also reminded me of the importance of using a piece of scratch paper underneath your work for doing things like testing ink pads before applying an image to your card.  I’ve also gotten in the habit of writing down the name of the ink pad color on the scratch paper so that later on I can remember exactly which one was used if I need to make the card again.  It’s also a good way to test color combinations if you’re having a hard time picking a color palette to work with.

Both of these stamps (the row of hearts and the sentiment) are older stamps that I’ve had for years by A Muse Art Stamps.  The ink pads used are all by Stampin’ Up!.

Happy crafting and wishing you tons of love, too!


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