ripple yarn project

Earlier this summer, I signed up to be one of the 57 artists in the Ripple Yarn Project.  The project was created by two local artists, Adria Arch and Cecily Miller, and the installation is along the Minuteman bikeway in Arlington Center.  We were assigned specific measurements to knit or crochet a piece to cover a portion of a tree using a bright and bold color palette, but were [almost] totally free to do whatever design we wanted.  The exhibit will be up for six months.

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upcoming event :: arlington alive on 7/13


The town of Arlington, Massachusetts will come alive this Saturday, July 13th for their first ever summer block party.  Think of it as Arlington’s stab at an Art Beat  festival (which happens to be the following weekend) where different restaurants and local vendors will have tables set up outside in Broadway Plaza complete with live music and a variety of activities for adults and kids.  It’s from 12 to 5 pm and you can find all the details here.

Come over to Arlington Centered during the festivities — keyword: AIR CONDITIONING!  I’ll be set up in the back of the store along with a couple of other local artists selling our handmade wares.  I have a few new card designs (including this one above) and hand-embroidered things to show you, and my friends have some pretty neat stuff too.  Jen of Just Enough Nonsense, Ansis Purins – the creator of Zombre, and Danielle of NanNan Moon will be there too.  And if you can score one, Arlington Centered will be handing out coupons for 10% off your purchases during the festivities that day!

The store is at 487 Massachusetts Avenue in Arlington Center and right along the 77 MBTA bus line.  And our plan is to have some cupcakes to hand out too!  🙂



cupcake camp 2011

If you ever want to gather a ton of people under one roof, announce that you’re giving away cupcakes for free.  That’s essentially what happened at the Cupcake Camp Boston 2011 event last Wednesday evening (and it wasn’t completely free – there was a suggested donation of $5 to benefit Lovin’ Spoonfuls – but you get the idea).  If you thought that the cupcake trend was dying in Camberville, it sure doesn’t seem like it by the turnout at this event.

the line out the Armory door when we arrived around 7:15 pm

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friday finds 11.05.10

(from top to bottom, left to right on each row: autumn chai loose leaf tea by BeesKneesTeas; necklace by Teeru Bihani of Blue Helix;  dipping bowls by Chrissy Ann Ceramics; knitting needle case and organizer by mlmxoxo; tweet ring cuff by Idawho; monogrammed notes by Paper Doll Boston; chocolate fingerless gloves by Postroad; petal earrings with wirewrapped crystals by Ripegoods; one of a kind handbag by sac A main; chocolates by vianne chocolat; recycled felted wool periwinkle fuzzy arm sweater by Studio Workshop Designs; lemon cupcake with raspberry buttercream cupcake by Whisky Business)

It’s been a long time since I did a “Friday Finds” post so I thought I’d showcase some of the goodies that will be available at the upcoming Snow Mall holiday craft show at the Armory on December 4th and 5th (yes, that was a shameless plug for a show that I will be participating in too).  There will be nearly 50 different artists featuring a huge variety of goods from jewelry to chocolates to body products to textiles to paintings to paper goods and more.  It’ll be a perfect time to get your holiday shopping needs taken care of (hint, hint) and a great way to support local artists.  Hope to see you there!


catching up

Whew. I’m in that stage after I do any type of event where I feel like I have a million other (read: non-craft related) things to catch up on. For instance, posting things on my blogs, chores around the house (sorry, Tony!), and simple things like getting in touch with friends and family (sorry, Linda!). So here’s a quick synopsis of the past weekend at the Boston Arts Festival, and then it’s off to get some zzzzz’s so that I can stop feeling so tired during the daytime.

I have to say that my overall experience during this event was awesome. The crew that organized every detail and helped out the entire weekend were amazingly great. For the registration fee, I received a huge industrial quality (water proof!) tent to use, a 6-foot-long table, two chairs, and they even made each of us a vinyl sign displaying our business names. They provided a really nice bagged lunch each day which consisted of a sandwich, cookie or brownie, apple, and chips as well as gave us bottled water throughout the weekend. The people that worked the event were also available to stand in your place if you needed to take a break during the day. They provided huge containers on wheels where we could pull up on Atlantic Avenue, unload our gear, and they would wheel it to our booth for us. Outstanding help, really … I couldn’t get over how cheerful and polite everyone was despite the icky weather on Friday.

Two people that I found to be extraordinarily helpful were a lady named Marquis and a man named EJ. It was quite windy all day Friday and my sign had blown down twice. Each time, they came by with a tall ladder and fixed it without me even having to ask them for help. I was so touched by their gestures of kindness and willingness to help throughout the day on Friday that I baked some chocolate chip cookies and gave them to them on Sunday in appreciation. I got two very big hugs and smiles which totally made my weekend. 🙂

Okay so enough of my sappy story telling! Here are some photos from the weekend (click on any of them to enlarge):

This was my booth all set up and ready to go on Friday despite the rain and crazy wind.

This was the sign that they made for my booth. Isn’t it nice? I mean, yes, it’s plain but having everyone’s with the same format really made the entire show look orderly. Unfortunately, they wouldn’t let me take it afterwards but it sure was nice having something to use during the show.

A view of the Financial District from where we were with a shot of the Custom House Tower on the left. Tony used to work in the glass building on the left, and we both used to work in one of the buildings on the right (that’s where we met!).

To my right was Claudia Kaufman and her beautiful still-life paintings and prints. My favorite piece of her work was this painting of a loaf of challah bread in a plastic bag. Doesn’t it look like it’s a photograph?!

And to my left was Connie Barbour of Migrant Wind Prints with beautiful silkscreened prints. I met Amy Hitchcock who was across from me with her gorgeous pieces of assemblage and collages created out of found items. Brian from Boston Coasters was there with his neat stuff, and not too far down from the Dyslexic Press who had this t-shirt that I was so tempted to buy for someone. My crafty friends Amy Casher, Bren Bataclan, and Beth Gaertner were also participating in this year’s event so it was nice to spend the weekend amongst familiar faces.

I tell you, I feel so lucky that we live in a community where art is really thriving these days. I mean, being surrounded by so many talented artists that weekend was quite inspiring and uplifting in many ways. And then to see people out and about enjoying art through various mediums just makes it all come together.

Speaking of familiar faces, I had a few friends stop by to say hello. Of course, I only remembered to take a couple of photos.

Here I am with our friends Mike, Chris, and Lynn. We all used to work together (which is how we met) and it’s funny to think that I’ve known them for almost ten years now. My goodness how time has flown by!

Our friends Norma and Johnny came by during their lunch break on Friday with a little treat: a raspberry cheesecake from Lyndell’s Bakery! The downer was that I couldn’t eat it because of the raspberries but believe me, Tony was delighted to eat it for me. (Thanks you two!)

And then on Sunday, my boyfriend favorite visitor during the weekend (no offense anyone but come on, after you saw this photo you’d have to agree with me!) stopped by for a visit: Henry! Oh and of course, I was very happy to see his mommy, Lorena, too. LOL Gosh, I could just eat that little cutie up. I hope he helped bring in some sales with his adorable smile. Hee hee … such a happy baby!

So of course, the people I didn’t photograph and would like to thank for stopping by to visit … Kate and little miss Sophie, Allen, Amy C., Kathy O’B., Tara G., Chris D., and Janice. Thank you all for stopping by to say hello!

Oh and the entertainment throughout the festival was great! Here’s a shot of the Boston Gay Men’s Chorus singing their hearts out to tunes from the ’80s despite the crappy weather. It was awesome how the crowd simply whipped out their umbrellas and got closer to the stage when they started to sing.

In contrast, this is what the main stage area looked like on Sunday when the sun was out.

Speaking of rain, they decided to cancel the event on Saturday because it was supposed to pour all day. And the weather people were correct this time. It was a mixed feeling for me when I found out that morning because I had already stayed up until 3 am the night before making new cards based on requests on Friday, and I was pumped up for the day’s events. But in hindsight, I know we (artists) would’ve been miserable there in the cold, wet weather. Friday was quite gross but once the winds died down it seemed like more people came out.

The plus side to Saturday’s cancellation was this nice surprise from Stephanie:

She had planned to see me at the festival on Saturday so she went by one of our favorite bakeries, Flour, and bought me my favorite pastry: brioche au sucre! So having that with fresh French pressed coffee made by my wonderful husband (and being in my pj’s all day in a warm apartment) made me feel better about the cancellation, plus I managed to get more things together for Sunday.

So what’s next? Besides sleep and a little bit of catching up? More posts to come! Seriously folks! I have yet to tell you about The Killers concert, seeing Heart and Journey up in Manchester, and tons of food-related posts on the other blog. Not to mention gearing up for the next show (the Design Hive Market) on Sunday, October 4th. Busy busy busy, that’s for sure.

But until then, goodnight everyone! This girl needs some serious zzzzz’s!

Saturday events have been CANCELED

Due to the rain. Poopy cocky. Too bad I stayed up till 3 am making more cards then! Oh well. They say the weather should be nice and sunny tomorrow (Sunday), so I hope to see you then!

Here’s tomorrow’s performing arts schedule:

12:30 – 1 PM
Garden Stage
Throwing open the doors to arts participation, the much loved City Stage provide fun for all the family.
1 – 1:45 PM

Waterfront Stage
The cutting edge dance company who re-imagined the Nutcracker into the refreshingly crisp “Urban Nutcracker.”
1:45 – 2:15 PM

Garden Stage
Local up and coming rock band well known on the local scene.
2:15 – 3:00 PM

Waterfront Stage
Boston’s beloved ballet company has consistently wowed audiences in festivals past.
3:00 – 3:30 PM

Garden Stage
One of the country’s top saxophonists is already a star and still in her teens.
3:30 – 4:15 PM

Waterfront Stage
Lively and vibrant classical music delivered with an energy not seen in typical classical music set-ups.
4:15 – 4:45 PM

Garden Stage
Up and coming local rock group.
4:45 – 6 PM

Waterfront Stage
Introducing a wall of sound from the history of rock n’ roll, this group received rave reviews in its Boston run early in 2009.

boston ahts festival – this weekend!

If you’re in the Boston area and looking for something to do this weekend, stop by the Boston Ahts Festival! I’ll be there at table #26 selling my handmade greeting cards on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (September 11-13) from 12 to 6 pm each day. It’s taking place at Christopher Columbus Park on the waterfront, near the North End. There will be over 60 different artists participating this year, plus live performances and tons of activities for the whole family. Stop by to say hello! 🙂