cupcake camp 2011

If you ever want to gather a ton of people under one roof, announce that you’re giving away cupcakes for free.  That’s essentially what happened at the Cupcake Camp Boston 2011 event last Wednesday evening (and it wasn’t completely free – there was a suggested donation of $5 to benefit Lovin’ Spoonfuls – but you get the idea).  If you thought that the cupcake trend was dying in Camberville, it sure doesn’t seem like it by the turnout at this event.

the line out the Armory door when we arrived around 7:15 pm

We arrived shortly after 7 pm and despite the rain, there was a huge line going out the door and down the block just to get into the building.  They were waiting for people to leave before they would let more people in, so we could only imagine how crowded it was inside already (I wonder how early people lined up for this thing).  Once inside, Lovin’ Spoonfuls asked for donations and then said that we weren’t allowed to take any cupcakes out of the building.  At first I was kind of annoyed by that because well, how’d they expect you to try all these cupcakes at one time?  But then — of course, only after going through the event myself — we realized that it’s because there wouldn’t be any cupcakes left for the poor folks still in line outside waiting to get in.  Fair enough, except that some of the vendors gave out small boxes and people were hoarding them like crazy.  Ah well, where’s a cupcake cop when you need one, right?

The first one I tried was a Caramel Macchiato cupcake from The Frosted Cupcake Bakery, and it ended up being my favorite of the night.  The cake was nice and moist and the icing wasn’t overly sweet.  It was good that most of the cupcakes were miniature because after eating four of them, I was done and full of sugar.  It was also good because you could try a variety of flavors.  There were professional bakeries as well as some amature bakers presenting their cupcakes; my baking-guru friend, Jeff, and  I will definitely consider knocking out the rest of the amatures by baking up some tasty concoction the next time they hold this event.  Watch out world!

My husband’s favorite of the night were the vanilla on vanilla “two bite” cupcakes from Whole Foods.  As simple as they seemed, he said the flavor balance and the heaviness of the frosting were perfect.

There were so many people in the building!  It was nice how the Armory set up table and chairs upstairs so that you could get away from the crowds and enjoy a sweet treat.  Their bar was open and selling milk by the glass, as well as beer and wine.

I was really glad to see The Chocolate Tarte, a Somerville based bakery, there and with so many cute little cupcake flavors to choose from.  This was the last of her creations (things were disappearing left and right).  I tried the vanilla cake with a lemon buttercream frosting.  The cake itself was really good but I thought the frosting was a bit heavy and pure buttery-cream.  But did that stop me from eating the whole thing?  Um, embarrassingly, no.

Are you sick of looking at cupcakes by now?!?

The last one I tried for the night was a lemon coconut one from Party Favors (yes, we went around twice …).  It was good but a little too sweet in the frosting part (although the toasted coconut was a nice touch of texture).  Again, that didn’t stop me from eating the whole thing — thank goodness for mini cupcakes!

So standing in line in the rain for 15 minutes was worth it in the end.  I left with a little bit of a sugar headache (stupidly did not eat dinner beforehand … gah) and then crashed on the couch later that night, but it was fun and I would totally do it again the next time they have this event.  Except I’ll be one of the people in line beforehand this time.


3 thoughts on “cupcake camp 2011

  1. Wow, all of these delicious cupcakes look decadent and divine. And I must admit I am in love with those chocolate cupcakes. I’m definitely not sick of look at these cupcakes. Wonderful post.

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