signs of spring

Or, at least of semi-warm weather (and no rain or sleet or snow). We had a nice warm day last Saturday (dare I say it reached 70? maybe just high 60’s? warm enough that we didn’t need a jacket) so we took a stroll along the Charles River after miraculously finding a parking spot on Beacon Street. It was nice to feel the wind in my hair and to feel the sun beat down on us, even if it was a tiny bit chilly near the water. There were so many people out enjoying the break from the cold, wintry weather we’ve been having lately.

a view of the MIT campus from across the river

We walked back toward Newbury Street afterward in search of lunch and I couldn’t help snapping a photo of this beautiful flower arrangement in someone’s windows.  I love the mix of hydrangeas with the pansies and the different colors.  Totally inspiring for what I want to plant in our front yard this weekend.

And then (what I think is) the ultimate sign of spring: a delicious scoop of Christina’s homemade ice cream!  I think that officially kicks off the warm weather season, especially when it’s a scoop of my all-time favorite flavor: coconut almond crunch. 

I’m SO HAPPY to be able to eat almonds again and more especially because I can eat this again!

Needless to say, I am so glad spring is finally here.  Now let’s just hope we don’t have too many April showers this month.


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