hi-rise bakery in harvard square (cambridge)

Speaking of sunny weather … I was going through some recently taken photos on our computer hard drive and came across this one I snapped of my lunch last month on one of those oddly warm days.  Seeing it again reminds me of those warm days where eating lunch outside makes it so difficult to want to return to the office.

quiche lorraine and fresh lemonade

On this particular day, I was in Cambridge on campus helping a candidate get from interview to interview (he was from out of town) and I realized I’d have a few minutes in between enough to get a bite to eat.  It was abnormally warm that day and I stupidly had worn my long-johns under my pants (yes, I’m one of those winter wimps … I am always cold!) and I had my long black jacket with me, so you know I was sweating as I hustled around the square.  I remembered that Hi-Rise has a small bakery/cafe so I stopped by to see what they had available.  I got a slice of their quiche Lorraine (mmm … bacon!) and a nice big cup of fresh squeezed lemonade.  It certainly hit the spot!  They had their patio furniture set up outside but it was full so I sat upstairs where it’s nice and quiet. The quiche was so deliciously rich but it all washed down nicely with the ice-cold lemonade.

Suddenly mid-bite, I looked down at my cell phone to check the time and realized that I had forgotten about the car parked at a one-hour limit meter!  Mortified by the thought of my husband’s reaction to me getting a parking ticket (notice, I didn’t care about actually getting the parking ticket …) I gulped the rest of the quiche down and practically ran — in the heat! in my stupid long-johns!! — through the square back to the museum and luckily beat the meter cop in time to move the car up one spot.  Whew.

The moral of this post kids is that the next time you’re in Harvard Square and it’s nice outside, go check out Hi-Rise (just a tiny bit down Brattle Street past Burdick’s on the left) and enjoy your lunch outside in their patio area.  They have sandwiches, salads, quiche, and pastries as well as coffee available.  And make sure you park your car at a two-hour meter, or at least remember when you need to go back and feed the meter.

Hi-Rise Bread Company
56 Brattle Street
Harvard Square
Cambridge, MA


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