happy 21st to rialto restaurant


Twenty one years ago, I was a sophomore in high school.  I was far away from where I am now, on the west coast going through awkward life stages as a teenager.  Did I ever think that so many years later I’d end up near Boston, married with a child, and looking forward to special mama’s-night-outs like this?  Probably not.

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o sushi (cambridge)


O, sushi!  Yes, it certainly is my all-time favorite food.  I could never get tired of eating it and I’m so happy that my family enjoys it almost as much.  Yup, that includes our 3-year-old daughter who – during the day while at home bored and on the kitchen floor – decided to video call her daddy at work and begged to have sushi for dinner.  Luckily, he agreed.  And that’s when we decided to try out O Sushi in Harvard Square.

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brunch at area four (cambridge)

Wait, didn’t I just write about this place last month?  Back again so soon?  Yes, and this time for brunch!


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catalyst + area four (cambridge)

So like what’s up with slacking on the restaurant posts, right?  I looked back and realized that my last post about any restaurant outing was way back on July 29, 2013.  Say what??!  It’s not like I haven’t gone out to eat since then, but I partially blame things like Instagram and mobile phone updates because well, let’s just say they make it easier to share sometimes.

Anyway, I went out last night with another mom friend and it was awesome.  We’ve been friends for almost eight years now and met through crafting channels, yet we’ve never been out on a one-to-one outing before.  With family responsibilities, job duties, and all the other crazy life stresses we just were never able to make things work out until last night.

I wanted to check out a restaurant called Catalyst in Cambridge (Kendall Square) because a) it’s new to me and b) I haven’t been out to a restaurant in that area in a long time.  The bonus was that neither had she so we could check out a new place together.


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one more for 2013

One more craft show, that is!  I know I know, I said the last one would be my last one for the year but this one came up and I couldn’t resist the urge to join in, especially because it is at Gather Here!   So mark your calendar for Sunday, December 8th and stop by to say hello if you’re in the neighborhood.  I’ll be there along with Zooguu, Made in Lowell, Kim O’Brien, and the Orange Owl from 12 to 7 pm.


Of course with it taking place at a yarn and fabric store, I’ll have some new crafty themed card designs available along with the Christmas-y and holiday-y ones.  Hope to see you there!

atwood’s tavern (cambridge)


This is one of those posts where I don’t want to tell you about this place because I {selfishly} don’t want to lose a seat at the bar to new customers, yet I do want this place to gain more business and be even more successful.  Sigh.  So here goes: there’s a restaurant in Cambridge that has good food, good drinks, and a nice outdoor patio that *isn’t* on a main street where you would inhale car fumes more than anything else.  And what’s better than that?  The people that work there are super nice.  Seriously.

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west bridge (cambridge)

Having a child affects your lifestyle: that’s pretty obvious.  For my husband and me, it means not really having the freedom to wine and dine like we used to (as can be seen, I’m sure, by the decrease in my blog posts over the past year based on restaurant experiences).  But the cool thing about my husband is that we aren’t afraid to still try to get out once in a while with a baby toddler in tow.  Sometimes our restaurant picks are determined by how baby-friendly they might be: large space, an it’s-okay-if-she-gets-a-little-loud atmosphere, and [most important!] high chair availability.

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giulia (cambridge)

What a nice way to start off the new year: dinner with a great friend at a new restaurant!  That’s right – you read it here – this mommy was granted another night out, so my friend and I decided to try out a new Italian restaurant in Cambridge called Giulia.  It opened about five weeks ago and replaced Rafiki Bistro.

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cards at gather here

I’m happy to announce that you can now purchase some of my craft themed greeting cards at Gather Here in Cambridge, MA!  Here are just two of the many designs sitting pretty in a red spinning card rack near the register.  Ideal for popping a GH gift card into, the cards vary in size and feature occasions from birthdays to thank yous to new baby.  More cute designs coming soon – and shoot me an email if you have any special requests, ideas or suggestions!

firebrand saints (cambridge)

I met up with a friend for a lunch outing last week (the blogosphere knows her as Juniper Disco).  We both wanted to check out a new place, and I came across Firebrand Saints after doing a search on Google maps for restaurants in the Kendall Square area.  Neither of us had even heard of it before which is a little odd considering that we’re both kind of foodies (by our own definitions!).  I’m not exactly sure when it opened but according to their blog, I’d say it was somewhere in early December.

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