west bridge (cambridge)

Having a child affects your lifestyle: that’s pretty obvious.  For my husband and me, it means not really having the freedom to wine and dine like we used to (as can be seen, I’m sure, by the decrease in my blog posts over the past year based on restaurant experiences).  But the cool thing about my husband is that we aren’t afraid to still try to get out once in a while with a baby toddler in tow.  Sometimes our restaurant picks are determined by how baby-friendly they might be: large space, an it’s-okay-if-she-gets-a-little-loud atmosphere, and [most important!] high chair availability.

On this particular outing, it was a Monday holiday so our first choice of seeking out dim sum in Chinatown was deflated after circling the city in search of a parking spot for nearly an hour.  Apparently everyone else had the same idea as we did and/or not having to feed a meter results in people leaving a car parked forever.  We decided to cross back over the river to Cambridge and after option number two ended up being closed for the holiday, I thought about West Bridge in Kendall Square.  I had been there before with a very good friend and enjoyed drinks at the bar, but we didn’t end up staying to eat so I didn’t know what the food would be like.  It’s a very nice restaurant so right away the first thing that popped into my head: but do they have high chairs?  So I gave them a call and yes, they were open (yay!) and yes, they have high chairs (double yay!).  We were sold.

Again, it’s a very nice place.  It’s very open and has a great atmosphere.  There is a lot of seating at the bar and behind it in the dining area.  The woman at the hostess desk was super friendly and brought a high chair up right away.

Their lunch menu is small but has a variety of options.  My husband opted for the shrimp salad roll only after inquiring about how mayonnaisey it was (he’s not a big fan of mayo), and was pleasantly pleased that it wasn’t.  It had a little bit of a kick with the chili aioli, but it’s certainly not spicy enough to scare anyone away.

I ended up ordering the omelette which was made with mushrooms, herbs and fresh goat cheese.  It went perfectly well with the bread that you can ask for;  the cheese oozed out of the omelette which was great for scooping up with the bread.

Definitely add this restaurant to the list of places that would be suitable to bring our little one to for a lunch outing.  Our waiter was very patient with my food allergy questions, and also saw our little one struggling to reach her sippy cup and slid it toward her little fingers.  Everyone there is really nice and accommodating, which makes a set of parents feel like they’re not sticking out like sore thumbs.  🙂

West Bridge
1 Kendall Square
Cambridge, MA 02139


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