f4 :: joanne chang’s new flour bakery (back bay)

There’s a new Flour Bakery location that recently opened up in the Back Bay, lovingly nicknamed F4 like its three predecessors.  It’s on the corner of Clarendon and Stanhope, and it’s where the old Hard Rock Cafe used to be.  If you go on a Saturday around noon like we did, your hopes of finding a table for lunch will probably be diminished (we just weren’t thinking — the opening weekend and you think there’d be space for two plus a baby?! what planet are you from?!), but the wait in line is worth it for pastries and dessert treats to enjoy later.



It seems like the space in this location is a little bigger than the Central Square location with more seating available.  It’s quite modern with the wood finishes and pretty lighting over the pastries.  And of course it’s got awesome large chalkboard walls with their signature illustrations and menu items.



The wait in what seems like a very long line isn’t that bad because they have several people taking orders, and the checkout process is smooth with their ability to electronically send your ticket details to the register (bye bye paper notepads).



The time spent in line gives you a moment to think: “What am I going to get?”  Do you get a cookie?  Some scones?  An Oreo?  Perhaps a cupcake?  They’re all so delicious and enticing!  And that’s not even glancing at the sandwich menu.  Sigh.  This visit ended with two Oreos and two coconut macaroons for the ride home, plus a brioche au sucre for the morning after.  Yum!


So if’ you’re a big Flour Bakery (and Joanne Chang!) fan like me, head over to the Back Bay some day to check out the new location and pick up something yummy while you’re at it.  I can’t wait to get back there maybe during the week when it’s not so crazy busy for lunch sometime.

Flour Bakery (F4)
131 Clarendon Street
Boston, MA 02116


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