atwood’s tavern (cambridge)


This is one of those posts where I don’t want to tell you about this place because I {selfishly} don’t want to lose a seat at the bar to new customers, yet I do want this place to gain more business and be even more successful.  Sigh.  So here goes: there’s a restaurant in Cambridge that has good food, good drinks, and a nice outdoor patio that *isn’t* on a main street where you would inhale car fumes more than anything else.  And what’s better than that?  The people that work there are super nice.  Seriously.

Let me also start by saying that I do have a great husband who allows me a night off of mommy duties every once in a while.  And I have a great bunch of friends who are more than happy to share funny stories and discuss life’s adventures over food and drinks.  For both, I am thankful.

Lately we’ve sort of clung to Atwood’s and have met there on three or four separate occasions now.  Dare I say we are calling this “our place” now?  On this visit we sat outside in their back patio area during a lovely summer night.  It was a perfect end to a Monday: the humidity had finally dissipated, we got a whole picnic table to ourselves, and we stayed late enough for the lights to turn on!




The back patio area is pretty spacious and created with a combination of wood and brick.  It’s tucked away and off the main road as mentioned above so it’s pretty quiet and clean.  I’m not a big fan of al fresco dining on streets where you’re watching traffic go by, so this is a great alternative.  One thing to note: tt does close up earlier than the rest of the restaurant though for noise ordinance purposes since the restaurant is located next to houses.


There is a small wine list for white, red, and bubbly but I can always find something I like (whether it’s the Cava or house red … it’s all good).  They have a huge selection of beers though.


I usually go for the burger here because it’s very good and they cook it medium as requested.  I know it’s not very pretty (the bottom plate) but I got Gouda cheese on the burger and it sure was delicious.  I also get the arugula salad on the side instead of fries, and I really like the dressing and pepitas on it.  My friend got always gets the veggie burger (the top plate) with the sweet potato fries because it’s consistently delicious.


Pictured here are the veggie burger with the red cabbage slaw side (the top plate) and the hot ‘n healthy bowl (the bottom plate): steamed Puy lentils, curried chickpeas, wilted spinach, broccoli and pepitas.

So if you’re in the Cambridge area somewhere between Inman Square and Cambridgeside, check out Atwood’s Tavern and enjoy a drink out back in their patio on a nice summer night.  They also have live music pretty much every night.  It’s a great place for a small group outing or for a casual date.  And of course, for mommy’s night out.  😉


Atwood’s Tavern
877 Cambridge Street
Cambridge, MA


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