young crafters in lexington

Here’s something you don’t see everyday: My daughter and I were walking around at the Lexington Farmers Market late this afternoon and I noticed some tents in the middle manned by young kids. When we got closer I could see that they were selling handmade crafts and some had big signs saying that proceeds would be donated to various charities. I was so moved. I mean, talk about awesomeness.

There were two girls who made every single piece of origami that covered their long table and they were so proud! I talked to one girl who made large square cards with either a folded heart or a crane on it as I was trying to pick one, and she apologized for running out of “the pretty ones with lots of flowers and hearts”. I gave her $3 for one card priced at $2.50 and told her that I didn’t need the change back and she said, “oh then you can pick two cards”. {heart melt!} I told her that that was very kind of her to offer but that her cards and hard work to make them were too much for me to take another card, and she smiled.

Then we stopped at another table who’s sign “Crafts for Cancer” caught my attention. We looked at all of the pretty jewelry on their table, and one of the girls (Emily) picked up a plastic cat figure she made to show to my 20-month-old daughter, and she said “meow!” in return. I ended up getting a necklace for her and she helped pick out a yellow beaded strand by pulling it off the table herself. I spoke to the girl’s mom and complimented the girls on their beautiful creations. She said that they have been working since last fall toward this day. That is amazing to me, and I was so happy to have stumbled on such ambitious, sweet, kind, and crafty young ladies today.

I wish there were more things like this at other farmers’ markets and outdoor events. I think it gives kids a feeling of empowerment and helps them practice social and business skills that they can use when they get older. Each child greeted us with a smile and “hello” when we walked by. I seriously wish I could’ve purchased something from every single one of them in support! But the card and necklace we purchased today is definitely the best $5 I’ve spent in a long time. 🙂



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